I do believe that if you were raped and beaten by someone, you'd want that person dead.


Okay, here’s a tip. Never say this to anyone you don’t know. In fact, never say this to anyone full stop. You do not know what a person has been through just because of their ideals, and it’s an incredibly insensitive assumption to make. 

Here’s the thing, people react to traumatic events differently. And saying that there is only one correct way to react invalidates a lot of peoples suffering, you’re invalidating the work, effort and pain that some people have gone through to move past anger or even forgive their attackers/abusers.

It is not your job to generalise people like this. It is not your job to assume that you know the correct way to react to horrific situations. There is no correct way to react, you just do your best cope - whatever that might entail.